Our team of professionals is here to assist you and can tailor to your needs.


If you are a nervous patient or feel you want to improve your smile with more attention to detail we are here to help you.


Achieve that winning smile with some of the following cosmetic treatments:


  • Hygienist - The Hygienist can be the first step towards getting the look you want. They remove staining and tartar build up and giving your teeth the fresh clean feeling!


  • Teeth Whitening - Take the next step by our PolaNight at home whitening system.


  • Porcelain Veneers - Are a thin layer or porcelain that cover the front of your teeth. You change the shape, shade and appearance of your teeth using cosmetic veneers.


  • Crowns - These are used to cover the whole tooth, fully porcelain crowns can add strength and hide previous unsightly fillings.


  • Cosmetic fillings and restorations - Composite fillings can be used to replace the dark metal amalgam fillings.


  • In addition to dentistry we provide facial rejuvenation and lip enhancement treatments.



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